Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Favorite Metal Albums

Alright, so I've been getting a bunch of new music lately, trying to expand my musical horizons. But no matter how many new bands, artists, dj's, rappers, or whatever else I listen to nothing ever beats my favorite genres of all time. Heavy Metal! With so many sub-genres to choose from I can always find something that will suit me better than most of the other contemporary things I've been listening to. So here are some of my favorite Metal albums (not in any particular order really, I can't decide which ones I like better).

1) Metallica- Kill 'em All
Metallica's 1983 debut album. Fucking fast, heavy, and raw.

2) Slayer- Reign In Blood
In my opinion one of Slayer's best albums of all time. Evil, morbid, and of course faster than hell!

3) Megadeth- Killing Is My Business....
Megadeth's 1985 debut album. After being kicked out Metallica Dave Mustaine went on to create another powerhouse of metal that kicked up the speed a notch, quite to my liking.

4) Cannibal Corpse- Tomb of the Mutilated
Cannibal Corpses's 1992 album. One of my favorite Death Metal bands and albums of all time. They take it to a whole nother level that turns most people away, but it's just right.

5) Death- Scream Bloody Gore
Death's 1987 debut album. Known to many as the Godfather of Death Metal, Chuck Schuldiner is among the few accredited with starting the genre. Again another ear splitting, fast album.

6) Lamb of God- Ashes of the Wake
Released in 2004, this is one of more contemporary metal bands I listen to. Lamb of God does a great job of separating themselves from many other metal groups today that really just suck.

7) Pantera- Vulgar Display of Power
Pantera's 1992 album that really showed them come through and make a serious name for themselves. One of the best American Metal bands to ever have existed.

8) Iron Maiden- Powerslave
Iron Maiden's 1984 release. This is one of the first Maiden albums I listened to and became an instant fan. You couldn't be a true metal fan without liking Maiden.

9) Judas Priest- Screaming for Vengeance
Judas Priest's 1982 album, well into their career, this album is one of my favorite and is amazing when heard live.

10) Black Sabbath- Paranoid
Black Sabbath's second release in 1970. In my opinion none of the bands above would even be around if not for Black Sabbath, so it had to make the list. One of the best albums to listen to all the way through over and over again, it all just melds so perfectly together.

11) Burzum- Burzum
Varg Vikernes solo project released in 1992. A very influential album in the Norwegian Black Metal scene. A very eery and dark sound that gives you chills.

If anyone would like to add some other good albums feel free, or if you disagree with my choices, let's have a debate shall we?


  1. Pretty heavy stuff, man.
    But D'nB > Metal.

  2. Pantera- Vulgar Display of Power

    I approve good sir, an amazing list.

  3. Followed - I like Powerslave by Iron Maiden. Don't forget Deep Purple, the creators of metal :P

  4. I approve on the top 3 i never really listened to many of the other bands so I will not be giving an ill informed opinion

  5. Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden is a beast of a song

  6. Metallica, Slayer and Megadeath easy top three, although I'd have put Megadeath first.

    Lost me at Lamb of God though, I can't stand them.

  7. Thumbs up for every album you posted here. My brother would love to see this list too.

  8. Those are some classics right there... Good stuff :)

  9. Those are some great albums man, nice share.

  10. one of my favorite albums is Black Sabbath's "We Sold Our Soul for Rock N Roll", with the original NIB. awesome!


  11. @Obi-wan, holy shit you're right I should have put Beneath The Remains or maybe an earlier one like Schizophrenia. Good call, don't know how I let that one get by me.

  12. superclassic tunes, but I also miss sepultura..

  13. great list, i thoroughly enjoy every band.

  14. great songs.
    my favorite is the one from metalica

  15. amazing songs, going to share some of them on facebook

  16. All good albums. They all grab you by the fucking balls. Fuck. Yes.

  17. Nice, you put some of my favorite songs / bands in one post... Are you me? =D